What returns can I expect from my investment?

How well have previous instruments done? What is the average rate of return on investment?

Q: How much is the average return?
A: Returns vary, depending upon the project and issuer. Projected or expected returns are disclosed in the prospectus and associated marketing materials. Before investing in any investment opportunity on the Blossom platform, please review the prospectus carefully, especially the"certain risk factors" section for details.

Q: Are investments made with Blossom subject to tax?
A: Tax is a complex issue and it depends on a variety of factors, including your home country and filing status. For this reason, we cannot provide a definitive answer regarding applicable tax on your investments with Blossom. However - generally speaking - profits earned via theBlossom platform are taxable as long term capital gains.

Q: Is my investment repaid on a monthly basis?
A: Blossom investments typically include a monthly profit sharing payment. The repayment of your principle investment varies depending on the structure of the specific investment opportunity.Generally, investments on the Blossom platform follow a "bullet covered" model. This means that upon maturity (the "due date" of your investment) the entire original investment amount is repaid by the issuer.

Q: Do you have an estimate of expected annualized profit rate?
A: We target between 10-15% annualized return. We currently estimate approximately an 11% return on a USD basis. Historically, returns have exceeded15% on an Indonesian Rupiah basis.

Q: Is there any differentiation in the risk between the profit component and the original investment principal?
A: Yes, any losses of principal capital are first replaced or covered by profit BEFORE the profit sharing is applied. Profit sharing only applies after profit from the portfolio first goes to cover any losses of principal capital.

The current portfolio projects an 11.2% profit rate in 12 months. So if you invest $1,000, each month you would expect a profit of around $9.30.

By the end of 12 months you could expect a total of approximately $111.60 in profit. After the 12th month, your $1,000 is returned to you (unless you chose to re-invest).

So from your $1,000 investment you would expect to receive back $1,111.60.

Note that the profit rate is variable. Some months it could be higher, other months lower. But on average we anticipate a 11.2% rate.