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Commercial Financing With Social Benefits

Microfinance aims to create or grow profitable businesses that generate livable incomes. Microfinance institutions are community led and operated banks that provide banking facilities to marginalized communities.

These community banks provide savings products help grow the wealth of the community and provide commercial financing to help micro-entrepreneurs grow their revenues and incomes.

Your investment helps community banks extend financing to create and grow more micro-businesses.

Profitable & Sustainable

Typically, your investment yields a 6-8% return per year, and the principle investment capital is returned after 6 or 12 months. Every 3 months you'll receive a profit-sharing contribution and report detailing the positive impact of your investment. 1

Fund Model Reduces Risk

Your investment is pooled into a fund with multiple investors and disbursed accross dozens of community banks and thousands of individual entrepreneurs. This way, money can be used where its needed most urgently, and your risk is diversified across a broad portfollio.

Strictly Ethical

Not all microfinance is created equal. Financing via Blossom's platform is used strictly to finance income-generating businesses—never for consumer spending. The aim of each investment is to increase a family's overall household income—and to put the loan sharks out of business.

Ethical Capital Market, Evolved.

 SmartSukuk leverages the trusted contract structures of conventional Sukuk,
            but brings online efficiency using the Ethereum blockchain. SmartSukuk cannot include usurious loans, margin trading, or exessive speculation. All businesses and projects must meet strict criteria including screening that prohibits any activities that could cause harm to society.

Emerging Market Access. Globally.

Using Blossom's platform, investors get access to unique and interesting projects in emerging markets.

Socially Responsible. Positive Impact.

Projects are evaluated and underwritten not only on financial merit, but on the underlying impact to local communities.

Fully Legal & Regulated

Every investment includes a legally enforceable contract and corresponding legal operating structure to protect investors.

Profit Sharing Model

No up-front administrative or service fees charged to investors. Blossom earns a share of investor profits.

Flexible Investment Options

Blossom's Investor Portal is designed with international investors in mind. Invest using cryptocurrency or via conventional bank transfer.

Fully Shariah Structure

Investments are end-to-end shariah compliant using fully approved shariah structures such as profit-sharing (mudarabah).

Featured Projects


Traditional Market Sellers & Micro-Businesses

Invest in traditional market traders in Indonesia's cultural heartland


Diversified Central Java Microfinance Fund

Portfolio of cooperative microfinance institutions.

Incredibly better banking. Made by incredible locals.

See why communities LOVE their local BMT.

The “BMT” model combines a for-profit motive (“Baitul Tamwil”) with a social-benefit motive (“Baitul Maal”). BMTs provide core banking facilities to marginalized communities where traditional banks don't operate or charge fees beyond what the community can afford.

BMTs drive wealth creation within local communities via savings programs and microfinance, and then use their commercial returns to fund social enterprise projects that solve local problems while providing sustainable income to the poor.

How it Works

Unlike peer-to-peer platforms which carry risk of indivudal default, Blossom uses a fund model. Your investment risk is diversified accross a portfollio of BMT community banks which in turn invest into thousands of micro-entrepreneurs accross various regions in Indonesia. 

Meet the Team

        We're passionate about helping great investors and great institutions succeed and prosper together.
We have more than two decades of financial services technology and software services industry experience.

Matthew J. Martin

Matthew J. Martin

Founder & CEO

Jamil Abbas

Jamil Abbas


Khalid Howladar

Khalid Howladar

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Blockchain Architect

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